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Experience Unparalleled Craftsmanship At Red Oak Fabrication

From advanced laser cutting to impeccable powder coating, dive into our diverse suite of services, each tailored to bring your vision to life with precision and quality.

Plasma Cutting at Red Oak Fabrication

Plasma Cutting

Harness the precision of Red Oak Fabrication's Alltra Plasma tables. With capabilities to cut up to 3" material on our 400 amp 10x24 table, we ensure accurate and smooth finishes every time.

Laser Cutting at Red Oak Fabrication

Laser Cutting

Experience the future with our advanced Mazak Lasers and the new Bystronic 4400 watt laser. Our state-of-the-art equipment, with auto load/unload features, is designed to cut with unparalleled precision, handling up to 1" material over large areas.

Water Jet Cutting at Red Oak Fabrication

Water Jet Cutting

Our Flow Water Jet table, equipped with a five-axis head, offers versatile cutting options — from steel to rubber — and can even bevel cut at angles up to 70 degrees.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Stand out with our exclusive GFS booths. As Iowa's sole job shop offering pre-powder application 3-stage washing and blasting, we promise vibrant finishes with our 60+ color palette, all certified under AAMA 2604.

CNC Lathe And Milling

CNC Lathe and Milling

Our machine shop, brimming with 11 high-end machining centers, is geared for intricate designs and robust outputs. Whether it's UHMW or steel, we shape your vision to perfection.

Robotic Manual Welding

Robotic/Manual Welding

Elevate your projects with our Genesis welding cell, equipped with a Fanuc Robotic arm. Whether you need manual or robotic welding, we handle steel, aluminum, and stainless with impeccable craftsmanship.

High Temp Burn Off

High Temp Burn Off

For a flawless powder coating, trust our Steelman Burn Off Oven. We guarantee a powder process that outshines the competition by removing even the most stubborn residues.

Press Break at Red Oak Fabrication

Press Break

Our dual-facility operations ensure efficient steel plate cutting and forming, making us your comprehensive one-stop solution.

Bystronic BySmart Fiber 3015 6kw

Bystronic BySmart Fiber 3015 6kw

Experience cutting like never before. Our latest laser tech slashes aluminum cutting time by over 300%, providing unmatched speed and precision.

Bystronic M3 FL300 Tube Laser

Bystronic M3 FL300 Tube Laser

Push boundaries with our tube laser, boasting 3D and 2D cutting capabilities. With vast input and output capacities, we confidently claim near-limitless potential in tube laser operations.

Custom powder coating at Red Oak Fabrication

Premier Powder Coating & Custom Finishing Solutions

Discover the excellence of Red Oak Fabrication’s manual batch powder coat lines, spanning a vast 12,000 sq ft. Our advanced steel 80 grit blasting, 3-stage wash system, and spacious facilities can accommodate projects of varying sizes — with our blast booth fitting dimensions up to 12x8x24 feet and powder coat booth up to 10x8x24 feet. Supported by a robust overhead rail system, we can manage weights up to 1,000lbs per load bar, making large batch runs seamless.

Choose from our extensive range of 60 in-house colors, or request a customized color match completed in as short as 10 business days. For a glimpse of our expertise, visit our Facebook to view completed projects or reach out for competitive pricing.

Prioritize your project timelines with our efficient turnaround — typically between 7-10 business days, and even within 24 hours with prior notice.

Rest assured of the quality, as we are an AAMA 2603, 2604, and 2605 certified powder line.

3D Printing Services at Red Oak Fabrication

Red Oak Fabrication now offers 3D printing!

Industries we serve and the benefits they see with 3D printed parts:

Aerospace & Defense

Low-volume production, weight reduction and material efficiency


Faster product development, customization and the ability to create complex geometries.

Consumer and Industrial Goods

Enhanced product development, mass customization, shorter lead times and on-demand production.

Service Details

Equipment Details At Our Locations

Plate Processing at Red Oak Fabrication

Our South Plate Processing Shop consists of the following:

  • Lasers:

    • 1x 2500 watt Mazak laser (5’x10’ cutting surface)
    • 1x 4000 watt Mazak laser (5’x10’ cutting surface)
  • Plasma Tables:

    • 1x Alltra plasma table w/HyperthermXPR 300 (12’x24’ cutting surface)
    • 1x Alltra plasma table w/Hypertherm HPR 400 (12’x24’ cutting surface)
  • Water Jet:

    • 1x Flow water jet Dynamic XD 5 Axis cutting head (6’x13’ cutting surface)
  • Press Breaks:

    • 2x Standard press breaks (12 ft x 200 ton)
    • 1x AccuPress press break (16 ft x 350 ton)
    • 1x 88 ton Xpert80 5ft Bystronic Press Break
Machine Shop

Our Central Machine Shop consists of the following:

  • Sawing Equipment:
    • Automated bandsaws
  • CNC Machining Centers:
    • 10 CNC machining centers
      • A mixture of machines from Haas & Okuma
North location of Red Oak Fabrication

Our North Shop consists of the following:

  • Lasers:
    • Bystar 4020 80×160 Bystroic 4400watt laser
    • BySmart Fiber 3015 6kw
    • BySmart Fiber 3015 10kw
    • Bystronic M3 FL300 Tube Laser
  • Press Break:
    • 350 ton Xpert320 14ft Bystronic Press Break
  • Welding Stations:
    • 10 Manual welding stations (Fronius pulse welding stations)
    • 2 Genesis Systems robotic weld stations
  • Assembly Areas:
    • 2 Assembly areas
  • Blast Booths and Cabinets:
    • 2 Clemco/GFS manual blast booths (14’x24’)
    • 1 Clemco manual blast cabinet (4’x6’ with 48” turntable)
    • 1 Viking 84T automated blast cabinet
    • 1 Gibson 96XT automated blast cabinet
  • Powder Coating System:
    • 2 Batch powder coat lines with overhead rail system
      • Wash booth (4 stage chemical treat) – 12’x24′
      • Powder coat booth – 12’x24’
      • Curing oven – 12’x24’
      • Second curing oven – 15’x30′
  • Burn Off Oven:
    • 1 Burn off oven measuring 7’x7’x10’
  • Machining Centers:
    • 1 VF 10 Haas Machining Center