Red Oak Fabrication

Trusted Family-Owned Metalwork Since 1913

Rooted in tradition since 1913, our services combine years of experience with the latest technologies, making us the one-stop solution for all fabrication needs.

About Our Company

The Cornerstone of Fabrication in Southwest Iowa

Established in 1913 as Pike Machine Shop and later renamed Red Oak Machine Co., Red Oak Fabrication has been a cornerstone of Southwest Iowa’s fabrication industry for over a century.

With roots that trace back to pioneers like Ted Fort and expansions driven by generations of service to the community, we’ve evolved from a small machine shop to a multi-faceted fabrication enterprise with four locations.

Our facilities specialize in precision Plasma, Laser, and Water Jet cutting, CNC operations, Steel Blasting, Powder Coating, and advanced robotic welding. Our commitment to quality, rooted in history, drives our future.

Our Services

Advanced Solutions. Precision Quality.

Strategically positioned in three Red Oak, IA locations, Red Oak Fabrication stands out as a turnkey job shop offering advanced solutions. We champion a diverse range of precision services, from Plasma and Laser Cutting to CNC Milling.

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes the Alltra Plasma tables, Mazak and Bystronic lasers, and a 2016 Flow Water Jet for versatile material cutting. Unique in our powder coating capabilities, we boast the only GFS booths in Iowa that combine blasting with a 3-stage wash, ensuring unmatched quality.

Additionally, our advanced Genesis welding cell, equipped with a Fanuc Robotic arm, enhances production speed, ensuring steel, aluminum, and stainless are expertly handled. Dive deeper to discover our century-long legacy of unmatched fabrication excellence.

Plasma Cutting at Red Oak Fabrication

Plasma Cutting

Red Oak Fabrication has two Alltra Plasma tables purchased in 2013 and 2020 . One table is 400 amp 10x24 cutting area we can cut up to 3" material. The other table is XPR 300 10x24 cutting area.

Laser Cutting at Red Oak Fabrication

Laser Cutting

Red Oak Fabrication has two Mazak Lasers purchased in 2004 and 2012. One Mazak is 2500 watts with an auto load/unload feature. The other laser is an Optiplex 4000 watt and regularly cuts 1" material. Both lasers offer a 5x10 cutting area. New to our operation is a Bystronic 4400 watt, 80x160 cutting surface with an auto load and load table.

Water Jet Cutting at Red Oak Fabrication

Water Jet Cutting

Our 2016 Flow Water Jet table has a five axis head and can bevel cut up to 70 degrees at 90,000 psi. We can cut a variety of things with this, anything from steel, aluminum, stainless, plastics and rubber. Our cutting area with this is 5x10.

Quality-Assured Order Processing at Red Oak Fabrication

Committed to Excellence.

Offering personalized end-to-end order processing for projects of all sizes, our team ensures efficient, timely, and high-quality results. At Red Oak Fabrication, you’re not just interacting with a representative – you’re engaging directly with empowered employees and owners committed to delivering exceptional service and quality assurance.

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