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Red Oak Fabrication is a turn key job shop. We operate out of 3 locations, all in Red Oak, IA. Our North facility (2400 N Broadway) houses our powder coating, plate rolling, manual and robotic welding. Our South facility (103 S 3rd St.)houses our plate processing equipment. Lastly our central location (306 N 3rd St), this is where it all started. This facility houses our Carhartt store and our machining centers. Below are some services we offer between the 3 facilities.

Plasma Cutting


Red Oak Fabrication has two Alltra Plasma tables purchased in 2013 and 2020 . One table is 400 amp 10x24 cutting area we can cut up to 3" material. The other table is XPR 300 10x24 cutting area. 

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Laser Cutting


Red Oak Fabrication has two Mazak Lasers purchased in 2004 and 2012. One Mazak is 2500 watts with an auto load/unload feature. The other laser is an Optiplex 4000 watt and regularly cuts 1" material. Both lasers offer a 5x10 cutting area. New to our operation is a Bystronic 4400 watt, 80x160 cutting surface with an auto load and load table. 

Water Jet Cutting


Our 2016 Flow Water Jet table has a five axis head and can bevel cut up to 70 degrees at 90,000 psi. We can cut a variety of things with this, anything from steel, aluminum, stainless, plastics and rubber. Our cutting area with this is 5x10.  

Powder Coating


Our GFS booths allow us to powder coat with in a 12ft by 24ft window. We are the only job shop in the state that offers blasting and a 3-stage wash system prior to any powder application. We house up to 60 colors with the possibility for custom matching within 10 business days. We are AAMA 2604 Certified. We spray with IFS and PPG Coatings. 

CNC Lathe and Milling


Our Machine shop houses 11 machining centers. 5- Ocuma's, 2- Haas VF5, 1 Haas VF3, 2- Haas ST 30 Lathe with sketching and one Haas 30Y with bar feeder that can cross drill holes and mil flats. Our Ocumas are set up for UHMW as well as steel. Our machine shop also offers two auto fed band saws. 

Robotic/Manual Welding


Our Genesis welding cell with a Fanuc Robotic arm outfitted with a Fronius welding package, This was purchased in 2015 and has helped triple our production output. Along with our robot we also operate 8 Fronius manual welders. We can weld steel, aluminum and stainless. 

High Temp Burn Off


Our Steelman Burn Off Oven has a capacity window of 7x7x10 and can burn off paint, powder, grease and plastics. This process allows us to further guarantee our powder process is 100% better than the competition.

Press Break


Our South facility holds four press breaks and our North facility has one. With the ability to cut steel plate and the ability to also form it makes us a one stop shop for our customers. 


Bystronic BySmart Fiber 3015 6kw

Our newest laser will have the ability to cut aluminum over 300% faster than we currently do. We will also have the capability to cut with high pressured air instead of nitrogen or oxygen. This 6kw fiber has a cutting surface of 60x120 and a tower load unload system attached for lights out operation. 

Bystronic M3 FL300 Tube Laser

Our tube laser has 3D and 2D cutting capability with 41' in feed and 40' out feed. 12" round, square and angle with a 28#/sqft. Our capabilities are close to limitless with this machine. 

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